15. Thank you, next.


A. Group Brainstorm

Figure 15A. The crit was a major turning point for my group as well. Immediately afterwards we met to debrief and strategize.

We acknowledged our over-emphasis on a solutionist approach (falling directly into the trap Rosner warned us about week 1!) and re-examined our approach.

B. GroMobile Prototype

Figure 15B. The user journeys and crit highlighted that GroMobile is well-intentioned but poorly executed. It was a solution devoid of context. As soon as we dug into the context, the idea disintegrated.

C. GroTower Conceptual Design

Figure 15C. With this feedback in mind, we continued to iterate on the GroMobile (Figure 15B). To better contextualise our solution we focused in on the challenges low-income urban community with limited access to fresh healthy foods. We dubbed our new vision the GroTower. This vision for an efficient food production hub quickly expanded to include classes, shared kitchen spaces, optional group meals, apprenticeship programs, etc.