22. Final reflections


Figures A-B. As we assembled the prototype and diagram, we continued to elaborate on our ideas. Sketching out and printing a 3D display case for the woven prototype.

A. Sketch of Tapestry 3D Frame

B. 3D printed materials

Figure C. We also considered how we might incorporate request from the farm to use QR codes. So we investigated how we might integrate QR codes in a more low-tech way using strips of paper.

C. Prototypes

Figures D-E. Our final presentation went really well and we received good feedback on it. I enjoyed sharing out our findings and found myself curious and eager to expand upon our project and see it through. I think my biggest takeaway has been to enjoy the ride itself more, and to agree with Willet that the best solutions are hyper-local.

D. Final Annotated Prototype

E. Final Presentation Materials