21. Dataweaving at Spitalfields


A. Spitalfields Farm Dataweave

Figure 21A. We spent a weekend day at Spitalfields interviewing people and simultaneously coding and collecting their responses.

B. Dataweave Participants Weaving

Figures 21B. By interviewing people instead of asking them to fill out a survey, we received so much more information than we otherwise would have.

Through weaving, the collection of data became not just a means to an end but an end unto itself. Electronically collecting data is less effort, but creates something less compelling that fewer people interact with. Our interviews were often sparked by those who had a cultural affinity with weaving, as their grandparents in Romania who traditionally wove garments (Figure C).

C. Video Shared by Visitor of Weaving in Romania

D. Dataweave Visitors

Figure 21D. Many visitors brought their children to Spitalfields to reconnect with a childhood spent on family farms. Weaving and farming were both huge parts of various people's stories, providing us with an easy conversation topic as they were eager to reconnect with their heritage.

E. Visitor and their Responses

Figure 21E. Participating made people feel connected to one another. They liked seeing their responses colour coded and then woven into the larger fabric.

F. Video Still

Figure 21F. I ended up really enjoying weaving, there is something soothing in the repetition. The drama of change becomes very real. Overall it was a really successful day.