13. Berlin

A trip to Berlin provided inspiration to my perspective on cities and technology.


Pink Pipes - what do we even consider as technology? Pipes were once the most modern technology available and sewage revolutionised cities.

Why are we so quick to assume that something whimsical cannot be serious?

Holocaust Memorial - I love this space because not only is it something to look at and remember (as all memorial's are) but it was designed to evoke (and does) the sense of overwhelming and soul-crushing loneliness, confusion, and fear. The floor literally changes below you as you go move further into the structure and the depth below seemingly same-heighted columns is revealed. It's physicality takes up space and forces us to remember, while its design engages us to feel.

Community Garden - in large abandoned airplane hangar there was a community garden. It seemed haphazard and as if there were various owners of the different plots, but it seemed to work. It was well-tended to even if disorganised. Collective organisation working without (it seems) very much (if any) central planning.

While we've defined our problem space, I find these examples illustrative of novel ways in which to think about public spaces and how they might be designed.