Hi, I'm Casey. 

I'm a User Experience enthusiast and advocate based in London but formerly of San Francisco. Titles often include words like 'researcher' or 'designer,' but fundamentally: I help make digital products more usable to the people who are supposed to be using them. I truly see my role as advocating for the voice of the user. As an innately curious person I like to investigate 'why' things happen, and naturally consider how we might make them better.


Right now I'm finishing up my Master's Dissertation in HCID, about information behaviour for the purposes of creating new knowledge. Which is a mouthful but essentially I want to understand how people interact with technology and information when they're coming up with something innovative. What does that process look like now? What tools are currently being used? Can any part of this process be improved upon with new technologies? If not, why not? 

Learn more about my professional experience at linkedin.com/in/andersoncasey