Learning Management System (LMS)


Tasked with designing the information architecture of the employee-facing side of an internal corporate learning management system or LMS. 


User Research


Conducted semi-moderated interviews with 5 people who had experience using learning management systems either as users or designers. 

The data generated from these interviews was used to inform the creation of a domain model that allowed for clear visualization of the concepts in this space. The model was also annotated to provide further detail and transparency on the thinking behind it. 




P1 - Domain Model.png

Domain Model Annotations PDF

Ideation & Prototyping & User Testing



The domain model allowed for the iterative exploration of various methods for organizing the different functionalities and parts of the LMS. This work informed the drafting of a site map.

Next, I identified the core user journey's or key tasks users would need to accomplish using this system. To validate that the key tasks could be completed given the site map I had designed, I conducted a tree test with 10 participants.


These findings informed major changes to my structure, for example: eliminating or re-naming parts of the system. 

P2 - Site Map.png

Site Map Annotations PDF


Finally, I chose a single user task and modeled the journey in order to develop the accompanying wireframes.


I chose the journey of "find information about a badge and then register for a specific course." It involved the development of 4 screens. 

P3 - User Journey.png

Next Steps

I would develop wireframes for the rest of the key user journeys to create a low-fidelity prototype. Then I would conduct some initial usability testing with the target users to see if they could complete these key user journeys. During the tests, I'd watch for errors and their potential causes, as well as record whether or not the task was accomplished. The results would then set a benchmark of usability for the prototype. Then, I would compare the way users completed the tasks versus how I had intended for them to complete them. I would use this data to inform a revised and expanded higher-fidelity prototype.