Enjoy Discovering Wine


Enjoy Discovering Wine is a wine training course provider in England. Their goals were to build their brand and increase sales. As part of their website revamp, I evaluated the website for its compliance with usability and e-commerce heuristics. 



Determined that a Heuristic Analysis that incorporated e-commerce heuristics, as well as usability heuristics, would provide a starting point on identifying opportunities. 

Heuristics utilized: 

• Nielson's 10 usability heuristics  

• Nielson Norman Group's publicly available e-commerce heuristics


Combined I had 14 dimensions against which to evaluate the website. 

I then examined each unique page type against the heuristics, recording each individual instance of an error in a table. 

Once I completed my initial analysis and data recording, I reviewed my work and deleted duplicates. After I cleaned the data, I cataloged global problems and page-specific problems.  Then I tried to group similar problems with one another. Finally, I ranked their severity based on the factors listed above


Based on these findings I made recommendations on what could be improved and some usability testing suggestions that could further inform improvements.

Screenshot 2020-10-30 at 11.33.27.png


A report detailing usability strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. 



Next Steps


If these recommendations were implemented, I would then want to define the core user journeys and conduct usability testing of those journeys to identify any additional problems.