Casey Anderson is a user experience researcher with 5+ years of experience investigating, designing, and building usable, sustainable, and accessible digital experiences for diverse groups. 

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Driven by an insatiable curiosity and belief in infinite possibilities. I seek to advocate for the user, whoever that might be and ensure that digital experiences are usable and accessible to all, as well as sustainable for the environment. For those of us privileged enough to work on creating new technologies or experiences, I see this as our duty. 

I help organizations, and teams, answer questions about the people who use their digital products and services by designing bespoke research to identify solutions rooted in real people and data. I am experienced in both qualitative and quantitative methods.

I create both in-person and fully digital experiences for a variety of end-users and products. I am passionate about the use of technology to create adaptive experiences. 

I am an advocate of Calm technology and Humane by design methods.