I advocate for the user.


For those of us privileged enough to work on creating new technologies or experiences, I see it as our duty to ensure that they are usable and accessible to all.


In today's digital world, experiences can vary in quality dramatically. Yet at the core of all new tools and systems is an educational experience that can be shaped. But this requires understanding how to design learning, their touchpoints (both digital and analog), and how they interact. 

Through research and design, I've created both in-person and fully digital experiences for a variety of end-users and products. I am passionate about the use of technology to personalize and tailor learning experiences, as well as the neverending quest to measure their efficacy. 


Some highlights:

• a free online training course for digital freelancers 

• in-person digital freelancing workshops at the SF Library

• onboardings and product training for Facebook's Global Sales and Marketing team

• redesigning the website and digital marketing for small businesses

• imbuing YouTube Creator needs into the new Channel store